Yoruba World Congress to South West States: Recruit only locals into Amotekun

The Yoruba World Congress has urged the six South West states to recruit only competent personnel in each local government into its security network, Amotekun.
In a statement signed by the Convener of YWC, Prof. Banji Akintoye, the group said this was imperative since the Amotekun teams would be defending their localities.
The statement said: “These should be persons who belong to, and who reside in, the local government area.
“We also urge the recruiters not to forget to recruit some of our local hunters, so as to add their well-known expertise to the defence and protection of their local government areas.”
According to the group, Yoruba are confident that the recruitment into Amotekun will be competently, patriotically and wisely carried out by those in charge.
“Amotekun is an exclusive Yoruba instrument of collective self-defence,” the YWC said in the statement.
It said the initiative followed enormous insecurity and instability in Yorubaland, which had forced countless farmers to abandon farming altogether, thus constituting serious threat to the economic well-being of the Yoruba nation.
“In particular, local criminals have stepped up the crime of kidnapping for ransom and thereby added their own share to the insecurity and instability. Their terroristic onslaught is a wholesale invasion of Yorubaland,” the YWC said
The group commended the state governors of the six South West states for creating a “defensive structure named Amotekun under which some Yoruba people will be recruited, trained and properly guided and supervised, to defend their homeland.
“Yoruba people cherish, and are holding up, our ancient tradition of hospitality to foreigners on Yoruba soil.
“But we must do our duty now to make our homeland peaceful for all who live on our land – for ourselves and for all our non-Yoruba compatriots.”
The YWC said the Yoruba nation was blessed with millions of men and women who were eager to serve Amotekun and urged that persons recruited and trained for service in Amotekun are and must be Yoruba.
It said: “Those responsible for organizing Amotekun, for recruiting people into it, for training the recruits, and for commanding and supervising the trained recruits, are, and must be, Yoruba.
“The Yoruba nation does not, and cannot, understand anything different from that.
“The decision to use any Yoruba person or Yoruba organization for Amotekun is a decision for only the Yoruba people to take.”