Woman to Court: Grant me divorce or I’ll kill my husband


A public servant, Ruth Anthony, on Monday prayed a Customary Court in Nyanya, Abuja to grant her divorce from her estranged husband, Peter, on grounds that she does not want to commit murder out of self defence.
The petitioner, who resides in Nyanya, Abuja, told the court: “My husband has a temper.
“He beats me at any slightest chance.
“One day we got into an argument and he strangled me.
“I managed to escape from him.
”In that rage, I ran into the kitchen and picked up a knife and as he stretched his hands to hold my neck against, I stabbed him on his hand.
”I am losing it with my husband.
“I pray the court to grant my prayers for divorce before I commit murder out of self defence.”
In his defence, Peter, who was present in court, denied the allegations and prayed the court not to grant his wife’s petition, saying he has changed.
The Presiding Judge, Shittu Mohammed, advised the couple to settle their differences  out of court.
Mohammed adjourned the matter until January 30 for continuation of hearing.