What COZA did to me, by Yvonne Chuks

I have heard so much about COZA services; this time, I am in Abuja and it is Sunday; it is my opportunity to be LIVE in COZA, Pastored by the stylish Rev. Biodun Fatoyinbo. Much more than I have heard, I know that it sticks longer what you experienced than told.
COZA is an Embassy, a nation and a world all together. Besides the external environment littered with inscriptions pointing you to the auditorium seated at the Guzape Hill, security men well positioned, my first point of attraction was the greeters at the entrance of the Church, carefully selected young men and ladies with Classy outfit that excellently match the beauty of the environment. We were warmly welcomed and led to a special section in the auditorium ready to capture all my mind and pen could.

Entering the auditorium was like entering a Cinema, as the magnificent LED Screens with colorful light-mix, beaming with life and Church workers on their guard driving order, preparing one for an electrifying experience; the sitting arrangement was deliberate and exhibit such a myriad of excellence.
Contrary to what I am used to, Church services starts with opening prayers, COZA service began with Praise and Worship; I was briefed it is hinged on the scriptural principle rendered in Psalms 100:4, “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise…”  The atmosphere was invigorating, the voices were angelic, the rhythmic flow was topnotch with lots of dynamism – a great musicianship there. Every event in the Service comes with its uniqueness.
We were led into a session of Thanksgiving, praying and faith-filled declarations, powerful words that gives you a feel of strong purpose, direction and hope. Beyond “Image,” Mrs. Biodun Fatoyinbo [Pastor Mo, as they call her] is a powerful and influential voice behind the Mic and the “Man.” COZA is World in a WORLD.
I have seen choir, but I saw a Choir. I have seen musical groups, but I saw a musical group. I understood that AVALANCHE is the name of COZA choir; as awesome as they appeared and performed, I was stupefied at the performance of THE GRATITUDE; they are a team of selected young talents from another world. It is as if they sleep, walk, breath and talk music.
It’s time for the Word. It was my first time of seeing Rev. Biodun Fatoyinbo Live; a very good looking clean man, NBA qualified height with well-tailored outfit; he is not just a good looking clean man, he is also good looking and clean in delivering the Word of God; his eloquence is epic. He sang songs you already know and makes you wonder if it is the same song you knew.

You know a strong leader by his results; Rev. Biodun Fatoyinbo is a strong leader. The COZA auditorium is enclosed, yet they are able to manage stench effectively; a lot of bodies in an enclosed atmosphere yet no stench? Minds are really at work. A leader is in place.
Every department that makes up the labour force [Workforce, they call it], was up and doing, most especially the protocol guys, they bear the physical outlook of professional Secret Service Operatives, well kitted and orderly in discharge of their duties.
You don’t worry about security, sitting in COZA’s auditorium, also, you never get lost; at every point, you are well directed.
“Was this what the enemy wanted to destroy?” A question that kept poppoing my mind as I observed the unfolding of events in the service. A Colossal loss it would have been for the body of Christ; this is no sentiment, but reality. It became clear to me what my Dad told me, “Only those who have not build anything fights those who have.” COZA is an enigma. Everything is stylish, including the way offerings and tithes are received.
In my place of worship, our benediction stems from Psalms 23:6, “Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD, forever.” In COZA, it is, “I CELEBRATE YOU!” This too, is how they greet one another.
Too much style, so much packaging, aredent drive for excellence, intolerance for laxity, expulsion of disloyalty, full of dynamism, kindred spirit and delibrate in acts: my definition of the Rev. Biodun and Pastor Modele led Church – COZA; a positive Dilemma to me.
Here is my submission in COZA’s outing: Never criticize if you have not experienced. Don’t cast aspersions if you have no correct knowledge. Don’t judge if you also have flaws. I hope to visit COZA a second time, again when next duty calls at Abuja.


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