Weight loss can reduce risk of Type 2 diabetes – Physician

Dr. Nana Chidi-Emmanuel, the Director, Operations and Programmes, Education Development Foundation for Excellence, on Friday said moderate weight loss could reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.
Chidi-Emmanuel told the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja that the increasing consumption of unhealthy diet posed risks to Type 2 diabetics.
“Type 2 diabetes is a disorder characterised by high blood glucose in the context of insulin resistance and relative insulin deficiency,” he said.
She said the prevalence of diabetes was on the increase because the rate of overweighing and obesity had also increased.
The doctor said that certain people, such as overweight, obese and women who had diabetes in pregnancy, were more at risk.
She said that people with high blood pressure or high cholesterol of more than 45 years old were also at risk.
The doctor said the risk of Type 2 diabetes could be reduced by losing weight, taking regular exercises by walking for 30 minutes in a day.
She said: “Regular physical activity would help to reduce fat deposits in the heart, liver and abdomen of people with Type 2 diabetes.”
Chidi-Emmanuel recommended eating healthy food, less fat or fast foods and more fibres, such as fruit and vegetables, whole grain and small amount of bread.
She said type 1 diabetes accounted for about five per cent of all diagnosed cases of diabetes, adding: “Type 1 is usually first diagnosed in children and young adults, although it can occur at any time.
“Risk factors for Type 1 diabetes can be auto immune, genetic or environmental.
“At this time, there are no known ways to prevent Type 1 diabetes except by the miracle of the word of God.”
She, however, said that Type 2 diabetes accounted for about 95 per cent of diagnosed diabetes in adults.
Chidi-Emmanuel said that several studies had shown that healthy eating and regular physical activity with prescribed medication could help control health complications in Type 2 diabetes.