We will maintain bi-monthly Korean Movie premiere to deepen relationship – Envoy

Lee Jin Su, the Director of Korean Cultural Centre in Nigeria, says the Centre will maintain the bi-monthly Korean movie premiere to further deepen bilateral relation between Koreans and Nigerians.
Su made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Wednesday in Abuja.
The KCCN director said Korean movie premiere form parts of its cultural day activities to enhance and deepen relationship between Koreans and Nigerians.
He said that the movie “Treasure Island” recently premiered at the centre was part of its strategy to make Nigerians understand the Korean Culture.
“The movie, Treasure Island, is based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel: ‘The Treasure Island,’ which is well known as Jekyll and Hyde.
“The novel was a story written for fun, a thrilling and exciting adventure of a boy named Jim Hawkins.
“With a deadly charm, John Silver is a wonderful villain in the story who can’t easily be forgotten by anyone who had read the novel.
“The Treasure Island, a novel with exotic backgrounds and peculiar materials, feature tremendous courage and enthusiasm with pirates of impressive characters, written in series with suspense.
“It is also selected to be one of the 1001 books that must be read before death.
“Korean actors displayed talents and skills in the movie, which fascinated Nigerian movie lovers; they enjoyed it.
“We will continue to maintain movie premiere in the Centre to encourage interaction and improve relations between Nigerians and Koreans.”
However, su said he hoped that relationship between Nigeria and Korea would be extended to Nollywood and Korean Movie Industry.