Vatsa to Buhari: Flush out the cabals now

Former spokesperson of the All Progressives Congress in Niger State, Comrade Jonathan Vatsa, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to flush out the cabals in his government if he still wants to earn Nigerians’ trust.
Vatsa, who was also a former Commissioner for Information in Niger State, on Tuesday told our Correspondent in a chat that until he does the needful, Nigerians will never believe in Buhari’s fight against corruption.
He said: “President Buhari needs to keep to his promises, especially the ones made in his inaugural speech.”
It should be recalled that Prof. Itse Sagay had only last week at the Federal University of Technology, Minna told President Buhari that “the cabals in the government have no business being in the presidency and as such they should be fished out and flushed out”.
According to Vatsa: “President Buhari must have the political will to eject his kinsmen and the cabals who have hijacked the government and inject new people, especially technocrats with new ideas who are ready to reshape this country.
“His silence has kept many Nigerians in doubt whether he meant all the promises made during campaigns and after his resumption of office.
“We worked for the APC and what we envisaged is not what we are witnessing.
“President Buhari should keep to his words, especially his inaugural speech, when he said: ‘I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody.’
“Until he can do away with them, Nigerians can never believe that he is fighting corruption.
“He should prove to us that he is ready to save Nigeria.
“I am saying this to President Buhari: ‘Until you do away with the cabals, Nigerians will never take your anti-corruption war seriously.’”
While calling on the President to prove to Nigerians why he can still earn their trust, Vatsa said: “Democracy is all about the people and not about the individual.”
Furthermore, he called on the President to use his recent appointment at the African Union as Anti-corruption Crusader as a base to clean the system because charity begins at home.
He said: “Now that the Appeal Court has ruled that (the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim) Magu be removed, President Buhari should quickly replace him because he is not the only credible Nigerian.
“There are other Nigerians that can even do better.”