Tyson Fury warns Joshua about Andy Ruiz

Tyson Fury has warned Anthony Joshua about losing muscle and changing his style for his rematch against Andy Ruiz Jr.
After his shock defeat at Madison Square Garden on June 1, Joshua has the chance to win back his titles as he faces Ruiz in Saudi Arabia on December 7.
During his press tour last week, Joshua revealed his trimmer physique and said his training so far has been more ‘boxing focussed’.
But Fury is adamant that Joshua should not try to work on a new fighting style to beat Ruiz.
‘I see he’s lost a bit of weight, he’s been taking notice of people saying he’s got too muscle muscle on him,’ Fury told BT Sport.
‘But really that can be taken out of context as well.
‘You can’t change a bull into a racehorse. It doesn’t work like that. ‘A racehorse can’t tow a wagon or a heavy load. Doesn’t work.
‘So if you take that big heavy horse, strip his muscle off, and then put him in the same cart he was in trying to pull that heavy load again he’s not going to manage it.
‘So I think they are going to try to lose weight and try to move a lot. ‘But you can’t do that in one camp, that takes a lifetime practice. ‘We saw Tony Bellew try to do it against [Oleksandr] Usyk, tried copying my style but after eight rounds his legs went.
‘It works, it’s effective, I’ve been successful 29 times in a row with it. ‘You can’t learn it overnight.
‘What tends to happen with new things in new camps is when someone practises something in the gym for eight, 10, 12 weeks, and then they go in a fight and try to do it, as soon as they get clipped or get tired, they revert straight back to what they once knew. I’ve soon it many, many times.
‘As soon as he holds his feet and starts to fight back, he loses in my opinion.
‘But if he can get on the jab and box and move, which I’ve never ever seen him do, amateur or pro, for 12 rounds which for a heavyweight is a very hard thing to do, at some point he’s going to have to stand and fight.
‘And if he keeps running away from Ruiz with the jab, he’s not got the footwork to do that.
‘Work on what you’re good at, that’s what you’re good at.
‘Tighten your defence up and go forward and smash them.’