Total Promotion, Glo resume face-off over League sponsorship

After several months of logjam over the title sponsorship of the Nigeria Football Premier League, the future of the local league remains shrouded in uncertain as Total Promotion Limited has written to the League Management Company Limited to reclaim the title sponsorship, which was conditionally ceded to Globacom recently.
In a letter dated June 14, 2013 and written by lawyers to TPL, Ayanlaja, Adesanyan & Co, and directed to the Chairman of the LMC, TPL declared that Globacom and the LMC reneged on the Memorandum Of Understanding entered into on March 19, 2013 by LMC, Globacom and TPL.
TPL lawyers in the letter, a copy of which was sent to Globacom, informed that Total Promotion Limited is no longer bound by the agreement of March 19, 2013 and in particular it is not bound by the provisions thereof, which forbid litigation in respect of this matter by the parties.
“Our client (TPL) remains the title sponsorship rights owner of the Nigerian Football Premier League and shall avail itself of all avenues legally open to it to assert this claim if it becomes necessary,” stated the letter.
In the March 19 MOU, the LMC is to assume all rights, title and interest in the title sponsorship rights of the Nigerian Premier Football League upon payment of N100 million by Globacom to TPL in final settlement of TPL’s title sponsorship rights.
According to the TPL repudiation letter: “Glo has not up to date paid the said sum of N100 million to TPL, a fact which you (LMC) are well aware of, you have publicly announced Glo as the new title sponsorship right owner and continue to advertise Glo as such in breach of the MOU. This, is no doubt, a gross breach of the tripartite agreement as LMC has not and cannot assume the rights which continue to reside in our Client until the sum of N100 million is paid to our Client by Glo."
Continuing, the letter stated: “Consequently, LMC cannot transfer any rights whatsoever to Glo. The breach of agreement which started over 70 days ago when payment was due according to the MOU is continuing.”