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Am I a bad citizen? I do not believe so. I just have not utilized my civic duty or responsibility to vote. Why? Because like many other middle-class citizens in Nigeria, I do not believe in party politics; I do not vote ACN, PDP, CPC, APC, SDP, but I believe in, no, I want actual solutions to the numerous challenges that beset us as a nation, and I will only vote for a candidate with solutions, not the party he or she belongs to.

Allegations of missing money are often translated into naked truth, in this season, without due reflection, and regard for the facts of the case. This is so, in this instance, because of reports of corruption involving and surrounding the OPL 245 transactions and foreign investors – Shell and ENI, into which the courts in the home jurisdictions of those companies are inquiring

It is an essential part of African tradition and culture that when people host you in their homes, treat you with courtesy, open their doors to you, even if the dinner they serve you is the worst you have ever had, you are still required to say nice words. Mr Gates’ recent visit to Nigeria was like a special treat

Two years of Buhari regime has shown that this country needs more than a corruption fighter to keep it one. Two years down the line this democracy needs democrats not converts. Obasanjo and Buhari have shown that soldiers can hardly be converted. It needs a broad minded person whose scope isn’t just his ethnic or religious environment but one with larger and spacious range