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Political carpetbaggers and their hired mercenaries have strained and tugged so hard to paint recent developments within the All Progressives Congress to be what they are not. With the legal disputes regarding the national chairmanship, the party was certainly going through a rough patch.

Coronavirus is biting nations hard. Across the globe, the number of infections rises daily; lives and nations are being torn apart. Global cases exceed one million mark with over 50,000 deaths. In Nigeria, COVID-19 cases had risen close to 200. The daily increase is worrisome. If we do not quickly arrest the rate of increase, we might soon face what is unanswerable.

Early campaign or what some political analysts would rightly call “jumping the gun” is part of what blights our electoral process. It is distasteful and disruptive, as it cuts into the time for governance. Worried about the development, top political actors and officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission have had cause to speak against it at one time or another. So disturbed by its potential to upset the process was INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmud Yakubu, who in October last year warned political parties against campaigning ahead of schedule. Speaking at a workshop for election professionals from the Commonwealth Africa Region organised by the Commonwealth, in partnership with INEC, Prof. Yakubu reminded political parties of the provisions of Section 99 (1) of the Electoral Act 2010 as amended. The section prohibits campaigns by political parties earlier than 90 days before polling day.