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A good old friend of mine resident in Chicago, Yomi Abioye, aka Macito, texted me after reading the first part of this article. The Ifon-born indigene of Osun said, “You ought to have ended this write-up this week and focus your next article on the bunch of buccaneers in our legislature that has become a symbol of corruption. Can you imagine how they are publicly sharing taxpayers’ money among themselves?” 

Ahoy! Off to Treasure Island, I set sail. The sea is turbulent, the wind is violent; but go I must on this dangerous odyssey to Pirates’ underworld, where good and evil fruits grow on the same tree, where virtue and vice sleep in the same bed, where life is short and brutish and worthless.

As we were both born in the 1960s, I’ll not be sheepish, bootlicking and manipulative to “yes daddy” you because it’s not the covenant of God for me to idolise mere mortals in white cassocks, for the Holy Bible says in the Book of Matthew 24:11: “Many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.”