The Eagle OnlineJuly 26, 2017

Difficult times are the best times, best opportunities to expect the supernatural interventions of heaven in our affairs. And understanding this eternal truth is critical to our success in this journey of life. Our God remains the Almighty in rainy or dry season, spring time or winter, in good as well as in difficult times. Situations, conditions, seasons and environment may change, but God and His plans remain constant. His eternal purposes remain forever!

The Eagle OnlineJuly 9, 2017

America has done everything in recent times to provoke the anger of God. From legitimizing abortion, same-sex marriage to removing prayer from schools, erecting satanic statues, immorality, Satanism, etc. And the latest on this shameful list is that the Pentagon is considering recruiting transgender individuals into the military.  In fact, the policy is about taking off

Gabriel AgboMarch 12, 2017

What is that project that God gave to you? What is that vision? Do they look so impossible? What is that assignment or mission that you are about to abandon because of barriers and obstacles?

Gabriel AgboMarch 5, 2017

Maybe you're presently going through ill-health, unemployment, childlessness, disappointment, lack, or problem in your relationship. They are all temporal. The only thing that is permanent is the words (promises) of God

Gabriel AgboApril 14, 2013

If it is really about development, where was this sect when their kits and kin, who led the country for most her independent years, were looting and dumping the country's wealth in Swiss and other foreign banks? The former military and civilian rulers from that part of the country and the associates are known to be among the richest people in the world. Why didn't they revolt or were they better-off then?

Gabriel AgboApril 7, 2013

Look at the above bible text again. The sun and the moon grew dark, and the stars no longer shine! These were elements that were once bright and favourable. They were put in place to bless us, but all of a sudden, they grew dark and stopped shining. This is exactly what some of us are going through

Gabriel AgboJanuary 19, 2013

Now, a river goddess is a mermaid, a female spirit that lives and operates from the water, river, sea, etc. The male counterpart is called merman. In deliverance parlance, we refer to these as marine spirits or ‘mammy water’. Though I don’t want to pretend that we can fully discuss the activities of these spirits here, but there are few basic things we must immediately know before we continue our discussion

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