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For example, Leviticus Chapter nine and verse twenty-four said that, “Fire blazed forth from the LORD’S presence and consumed the burnt offering and the fat on the altar.”  Then, book of Revelation chapter four and verse five also said that from his throne come flashes of lightning and the rumble of thunder. And that in front of the throne are seven lamp stands with burning flames. 

Supreme simply means highest, absolute. It is the highest authority. The name of Jesus is a great and powerful weapon in the hands of a Christian, especially the prayer warrior.  It is always fatal to Satan and the dark kingdom when mentioned by a believer.

The aim of this article is to awaken the church (Christians) once again to this great spiritual weapon made available to us by God. I believe and by experience too, that any Christian that masters the act of praying in the midnight will ultimately control what happens in the day.

Divine projects will always start like a little cloud, but will ultimately end up a rainstorm! True. When God wants to do any great thing, it always starts small and if you are not careful, you will be tempted to ignore, despise or even trample on it. But we have long been warned not to despise the days of the little beginnings. In fact, Jesus summed it up by telling us about the mustard seed phenomenon in the kingdom: though it is currently the smallest, but it will definitely grow into greatness, tall above others. And not just the growth, it will also serve as a shelter for so many. Now, I have a mandate to tell you that that project in your hands will grow beyond your wildest imagination. Yes, you’re starting small, but I see it growing rapidly and overtaking others!

But we are not going to discuss WWE or combat sports here. No. We want to talk about wrestling, struggling with God and it simply means: faithfully and tenaciously holding onto God’s promises and his words until you see them come to pass in your life or in your situation. It is holding onto God until you receive an answer to your request. It is also refusing to take no for an answer on what you know that is God’s will.  

Sarai means contentious, debatable. But Sarah is My Princess. She is going to be a princess of God that will birth the promises of God to humanity. I love the possessive pronoun ‘My’ that God used there. It shows that he specially owned Sarah because she was carrying his very important plan and vision.

You will recover all that you lost! It is always amazing, exciting and awe-striking when we experience God turning around situations that men have naturally written-off. Or in better words, what men have concluded that it is over, that nothing can be done about it again.

Things that have been working against you will now begin to work in your favour. That “thorn in your flesh”, will be removed. Yes, it will. Those that doubted or ridiculed you will come to praise God with you. Those that maltreated you will rush to apologise to you.

By his position as a successful army commander he was very influential and powerful. He had led his country to many victorious battles. He was also so much loved by his boss, the commander-in-chief; the king of Syria and his people.

My God! Group of invalids! A congregation of desperate, terminally sick people and their depressed and exhausted relations. Just imagine what that kind of gathering would look like – the groaning, the sighing, the cries, the prayers, the hopeless looks, the stench, the anxieties and the struggles to rush into the water first for the healing. The angel of the LORD only visited once in a while and only the first sick that had people to help them into the pool would receive healing.

Wow! Just listen to him: “The man that was doing his lawful duty and the police assaulted him, we will take care of it. Once again, apologies for that. But you know me, I don’t tolerate all these things and will never. There is no reason to justify what the police did. What he did was an assault, brutality and incivility. I won’t cover that. Be rest assured he will face disciplinary action.”  

Yes, God uses signs and manifestations to lead or demonstrate his sovereignty, but sometimes you also see him moving without them. He is not tied to signs. He is not tied patterns, methods, time, events, history, opinions and locations. He is only eternal bound by his words and character.

Nigerian rulers are indeed very special. When other leaders and countries are giving out palliatives to their citizens and bailouts to their production and service sectors to cushion the effects of the current pandemic, our rulers (not leaders) are here inventing more harsh policies to perpetually enslave and over-burden us. The government has just increased the pump price of fuel and electricity tariffs. I mean in the midst of this overwhelming struggle by the citizens caused by their poor economic performance and complicated by the Chinese virus crisis. Yes, things were really difficult here even before the pandemic. Today, businesses are rapidly folding up and millions of jobs slipping away. The prices of food and goods have skyrocketed. People are just desperate and hungry.

Yes, to bring out something from nothing is not natural, but supernatural. I see something coming out that your nothingness today! I think what I want to say here is best explained where the word of God said that He called the whole world into existence from nothing.

It is quite unbelievable that in this 21st century people are still talking about the repulsive and retrogressive act of killing other human beings for religious reasons. Yes, it is most unfortunate that when the rest of the world is moving on with massive infrastructural and human development, innovative and progressive laws that include expunging capital punishment from their laws, in Nigeria people are still thinking of decapitating a citizen just for singing against their religion. Is this not disgusting and shameful?

This is the best time to take risks. The most successful men take the highest risks. No risks, no net-breaking returns. As in business, so it is also in spiritual matters. Even at this time of uncertainties, the wise ones are quietly investing and buying up companies, shares, interests and risks. One told me last time that this is the best to time invest and buy. When some are there holding back and complaining, others are braving it by casting their bread into the water.