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“My appeal to the House of Representatives and the President is that it will do more harm to students than good.
“When there is a problem, rather than study it and look for strategy to solve them, we will jump into conclusion, which can be more dangerous than the original problem

Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, Secretary-General of the Council, stated in a statement in Abuja on Monday that Sanusi’s appointment “convinced us that a good choice has been made’’

The statement said: “The NSCIA is saddened by the massive waste of human lives and reckless maiming of protesting citizens of Egypt. The brutal murder of hundreds of armless civilians in the course of their legitimate right to protest is despicable and indefensible

Oloyede told NAN: “These two academies can no longer afford to watch this development continue since their major obligation is to promote academic activities and the education sector in general