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This was stated in a world press conference and protest march by leaders of the community. They accused the oil exploration company of economic strangulation, ecological destruction, contract racketeering and corporate wickedness.

Last week, the administration yet again unleashed its security forces in riot gear on #RevolutionNow protesters who were simply calling on the government to respect human rights, obey the rule of law, and address heightened insecurity, poverty, corruption, and poor infrastructure in the country. The peaceful protests took place in several parts of Nigeria, including Abuja, Lagos and Osogbo.

Buhari is awesomely an intriguing leader and to me. He is not just a cerebral force, but someone in the region of an impenetrable being, who has overpowered all human debilitations, like some gods. Elsewhere in the world, leaders derive their sacredness and veneration from the effervescent of unassailability. And candidly, a leader is not just a piece of cake on a street shop to instantly decode in shape, colour and countenance.  So, President Buhari has a big and matured heart. He rarely speaks, but believes more in action.