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Should the minority Islamic movement of Nigeria, popularly called the Shia Muslim group, take a tip from Lai Mohammed’s gloating and defence of this government action, to decide to abduct 200 innocent girls in order to facilitate the release of some 200 citizens detained in Kaduna since 2015 and their leader and his wife still illegally detained by the FGN?

So when I read the response of the All Progressives Congress to a petition by the Peoples Democratic Party of the APC having swerved from its promise of fairness and equity and commenced on a path of partisan witch-hunting, hounding and blatant hypocrisy; though I recognized that the PDP is a decaying, putrefied carcass and nothing better than a broken clock; as we have often said and been told, a broken clock tells the right time twice a day; I recognized that this was one of those times. PDP was right

It was business as usual in Nigeria that day; 32 killed in Borno, two villages burned with more farmers forced to abandon their land, the Senate was meekly going after Diezani and Diezani was going after the Senate while the masses were still being ripped off of $4 million a day being pocketed by Diezani and her cronies in the old-news kerosene subsidy scam