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Since the recent resurgence of Lassa Fever in some parts of Ebonyi State late December 2019, following the death of one Ephraim Ogaranya in Ndubia Igbeagu in Izzi Local Government Area, the State Government has not rested on its oars in ensuring that the scourge is contained.

The Social Contract Principle, the sociological foundation of relationship between the government and the governed demands that while the citizens relinquish their authority via collective mandate to form the government, government should on the other hand effectively cater for the needs and aspirations of the people. This symbiotic, bi-lateral relationship forms the bedrock of the demand and supply trajectory in which government is on the supply side while citizens are on the demand side.

Among the basic essential amenities required for quality life in any given community, water falls within the top ranks in order of importance. This fact has remained indubitable over the years, prompting several governments across the world to constantly advance strategies toward ensuring constant quality and sufficient water, both for domestic and industrial uses.

The management of Public health has remained a great challenge to all Governments across the world, especially in developing countries like Nigeria. This has remained so because of the dynamic nature of illnesses evolving on regular basis, sometimes with stubborn or even drug resistant pathogens, militating social aspects and economic indices.