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Addressing the press on behalf of the council, the Commissioner, Osun State Police Command, Ibrahim Maishanu, described as false a report in the media of an alleged bomb blast in Ile-Ife on Tuesday, thereby insinuating that the Boko Haram terror group had made incursion into the South West state

The rallies, expected to take the governor to all nooks of the state, are meant to showcase the goodies that the journey of the last three and a half years have brought to the people. Each campaign is expected to bring up messages of hopes as other parts of the state get ready to receive the campaigns train

The Special Adviser to the Governor on Budget and Economic Planning, Bade Adeshina, in a statement on Tuesday, said: “Inasmuch as a budget is the plan and guide for all agencies of government to deliver the dividends of democracy as well as the equal distribution of wealth for the masses, those in charge of the budget implementation should follow the approved guidelines to the letter