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He said that Ndigbo need to be given the heart to love one another than intelligence; they are too intelligent for his liking and they are too distrusting in liking their brothers. He added that the Igbo should love one another, because the Igbo are the trustees of the dream, they are the salt of the nation; they are everywhere in Nigeria. They should also love other Nigerians because it takes a good Christian to admit a good Muslim and the other

“Evil ideas are creeping into the North from outside sources. In all countries of the world you find men who thirst for power, who agitate the government and disrupt the happiness of the people for the satisfaction of their own personal ambitions. I understand we have such a class of people in Nigeria

The Central Bank of Nigeria has formally stated that due to the nation becoming in recent years a “…hub for investment from favorable economic policies”, the Federal Government sought to funnel capital in the establishment of the Fund, also to shield the economy from the adverse geopolitical shocks to come; to potentially provide a cushioned fiscal landing in the event of a total crash of the price of global oil