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Tlnovelas includes a host of the most successful telenovelas within the Televisa Group of over 800 titles.  The channel captivates its audiences through compelling plots that drive unique emotional connections with viewers. From young adults, women, men and even children, there is a story for everyone to enjoy.

“I am an advocate of strict tax compliance and I desire to see the tax affairs of every business in the country put under scrutiny, scientifically. But the way FIRS came up with the figure it attributed to MultiChoice is anything but scientific. The consultants hired by the FIRS to carry out an audit just manufactured figures that look very illiterate. I am not sorry to say,” he said.

The final candidates were selected after a rigorous interview process by the judging panel, which consisted of film and television experts including representatives of the Directors’ Guild of Nigeria (DGN). On the judging panel were pioneer MTF Academy Director – Femi Odugbemi, Film Director and representative of the DGN – Lancelot Imasuen, Film Director and Producer –  Tope Oshin, Film Director – James Omokwe and Director and representative of the DGN – Patricia Oghre Imobhio.