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Recall that when politicians and technocrats from Kwara State and beyond converged in Lagos for a retreat to draw a roadmap on the Kwara Project after the elections, many dismissed it as a jamboree; describing it as one of those time-wasting talk shops that would not impact positively on the people

he council also directed the three colleges of education in the state to stop further recruitment of staff and further procurement of loans without recourse to the state government and their various councils

The USAID Country Director, Dana Monsuri, said that the partnership in 2013 is expected to lead to the training of 500 sorghum farmers in Kwara State on modern cultivation methods, group dynamics and leadership in order to build their capacities, while cassava farmers would also be trained on cassava production and field management, as well as access to credit facilities

According to the governor, Saraki has demonstrated beyond doubt that he is a worthy successor of late Wazirin Iloin and former Senate Leader, late Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki, under whose political tutelage they all learnt to think about the welfare of others before self