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As it is, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, who is presently the occupier of the seat of Governor of Abia State, by the provisions of the Constitution (as amended) has inherent right to file an appeal and obtain stay of execution of court judgment to the Court of Appeal and also has a statutory period of grace from the day of the judgement of the Court of Appeal to file his appeal at the Supreme Court

Ajulo who is also the Chairman of Egalitarian Mission, Africa, maintained that fiscal policies in Nigeria give more powers to the Federal Government than the other sub-federal units combined, which he claimed has ensured an increased dependence of the sub-federal units on the Federal Government, particularly for their finances

Unfortunately in Nigeria since independence, democracy has failed to take its roots because of lack of knowledge of democratic principles, and also because military interventions had affected negatively the growth of democracy. It would also be recognized where religious, tribal or ethnic considerations predominates, it is highly improbable that democracy would take root. Perhaps the military politicians of those years could not solve some of Nigeria‘s complex problems because they themselves were part of the problems to be solved

He said: “It is very painful that our nation is again running around in circles in the name of ‘Change’ even though Providence has granted us yet another opportunity to get it right. It is equally heartbreaking that the president has taken the citizens on a merry-go-round and a wild goose chase in the name of shopping for angels who will sanitize the nation

Describing the in-fighting between certain power blocs within the APC as borne of selfish interests, Ajulo, who is also the Chairman of Egalitarian Mission for Africa, warned that the ominous signs appears to be a confirmation of the popularly held opinion that the APC was a party of “strange bed-fellows” which was not built to last and would not stand the test of time