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Conference delegates from the North had on Tuesday rejected the draft new constitution prepared by the Confab secretariat, saying it was part of a plot to give some elected public officers, including President Goodluck Jonathan, the legitimacy to stand for a third term

According to the Northern delegates, the draft Constitution as prepared by the Justice Idris Kutigi-led Secretariat of the National Conference was a third term agenda designed primarily to allow President Jonathan and other incumbent elective office holders, whom they alleged as not qualified, to run in 2015, even as they warned that if allowed to sail through, it has the potential of throwing the country into violence and anarchy

The Council of Retired Federal Permanent Secretaries in a goodwill message on Monday, said it has watched with keen interest the proceedings and recommendations of the Conference and is impressed by the deep sense of patriotism displayed by both the leadership and the delegates

Idris Kutigi

Speaking on the position of the Consensus Group, the Chairman of Conference, retired Justice Idris Kutigi, said President Jonathan should set up technical committee to decide on the appropriate percentage for oil producing states and areas destroyed by insurgency in the country