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We are expected to put in every effort possible to see that our kids become responsible members of the home and the society and these including proper and foundational training at home, good education, monitoring their activities, their relationships and development, giving them solid godly background and most importantly living exemplary life.

By their fruits we shall surely know them. For instance, the word Guru is an India word for Hindus Leading Light or Spiritual Teacher. Mahatma is used for a Sage, such as Mahatma Gandhi. Maharaji is a Sanskrit word, which denotes a great King. It goes without saying that any non Indian, particularly a Nigerian, laying claim to any of these names must have something up his sleeve

The young crown prince, known by his initials: MBS, used an intermediary to buy the much-sought-after painting of Christ, Salvator Mundi, the newspaper reported, citing US intelligence and other unnamed sources

Now, before we go on, it is also important to note that it is not only mad people that are controlled by demon spirits. The immoral, the chronic liars, haters, kleptomaniacs, witches, etc are possessed by evil spirits. Once a person is being controlled, even against their will, by an unseen influence to sin or to do other things, it has gone into demonic possession. You can easily see this when a person is controlled by the demon of lust. They will do or go after everything to satisfy it. They lack the power to resist. The can even sleep with animals. When you lose control of yourself, another power has taken over. Do you lack the resistance to do things that are ungodly? Do you hate what you are doing but lack the power to stop it?? This guy here had totally lost control of everything about his existence. He was securely in the chain of the power of darkness like some of us are today: weeping, crying, gnashing their teeth and looking for a way of escape. May God deliver you today in the mighty name of Jesus! This is why Jesus is coming to you today. Yes, only Him can snatch you away from those terrible powers of Satan.

Every creature hears the voice of the creator. And prophetic instructions are just declaring the definite intentions of heaven on earth and watch them come to pass