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All eyes are on Messi and his nemesis and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, as soccer fans salivate for the World Cup set for June in Russia.

Lieutenant General Paul Funk, Commanding General of Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve, said the coalition would work to prevent ISIS regrouping anywhere in the world with its pervasive ideology.

ISIS has also promised to “continue terrorising and ruining lives”, accompanied by an image of the World Cup trophy, in a hint that trouble can be expected in Russia next summer

But the challenge to terminate ISIS (and terror groups like it) still exists, as evidenced by the recent ambush attack in Niger that killed four US soldiers, along with numerous other Nigerien casualties. With their Syrian stronghold vanquished, surviving ISIS fighters will flee to other countries to avoid death or capture; and African nations are prime targets for ISIS and their homegrown compatriots.

The FBI “took several steps in a variety of areas to identify and reduce security vulnerabilities” after the incident, the agency told BBC News