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The Ogun State Government, through the Department of Trade and Investment will on Thursday (today) play host to a delegation from the UN-Habitat and the United Kingdom Foreign Commonwealth Office for the Validation of the Abeokuta Urban Master Plan and Guidelines for Urban Renewal.

In one fell swoop, President Buhari gave Abiola a posthumous honour that ranked him with all Nigeria’s leaders and also declared June 12, the day Abiola clearly won a democratic election in 1993 that was annulled by former Military President Ibrahim Babangida’s junta, as Nigeria’s Democracy Day.

or a time, the points went to the military leadership who continued the musical chairs started in 1966. But the persistence of pro-democracy resistance was such that in the end, a coup against the movement had to be within the confines of civilian rule. As we bear witness to the reactions of certain parts of the country to the 2015 elections, the most promising since 1993, it shows us that what Nigeria lost in that singular opportunity where a country came together behind one man, we have yet to regain