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Many of the states of the federation are not economically viable without oil revenue and that has made sub-regional economic cooperation a necessity in the light of the sharp drop in oil revenue. Shedding light in this new direction represents a major contribution that the government of Enugu State has offered the nation in managing the current fiscal crisis

The increased dependence on IGR against the existing lean capacity for same raises great concerns that a number of state governments are going about it the wrong way. I have been listening to state governors on this matter and I think that so far, the Enugu State Governor, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, seems to be applying the fundamental strategy for enhancing IGR – which is first building the capacity for it

Revenue from Federal allocation, including VAT, amounted to N66.17 billion for the state in the 2015 budget but this is expected to drop to N44.21 billion in 2016. Internally generated revenue is also expected to decline next year, which will result in a drop of as much as 35.2 per cent in total recurrent revenue to a little over N63 billion. The purse is indeed lean but the dreams are big

The government of Enugu State is quite aware of the revenue challenges facing all tiers of government but appears to be driven by the will to accomplish, which is the critical ingredient of progress in society. I will not be surprised if the state eventually emerges as a leading example of economic and social development under the present mandate