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Although the beneficiaries received the announcement with mixed feelings, the glorious Golden Eaglets that won the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 1985 and 2015 however got the highest reward with the players of both teams smiling home with N2 million and N1.2 million respectively from the President

“I have never scored a goal like this before and you cannot practice this kind of goal,” admitted Okwonkwo, the first boy in a family with six other children. “The goal I scored against Mexico today is a wonderful goal and I’m dedicating the goal to my mum who has been there for me; challenging me to be the best

“We saw them play before our semi-final, and they looked strong against Argentina,” said the midfielder. “We’re hoping for a repeat performance [of the group match]. In football it’s difficult to make predictions but, God willing, we’ll beat them again. Mexico can make all the changes they want, but it will be the same team we faced in the group stage

“Alhaji Toro is a wonderful person with genuine interest for the development of Nigerian football,” noted Nduka Ugbade, Golden Eaglets’ Assistant Coach, who incidentally captained Nigeria to win the inaugural FIFA Under-16 World Cup at China ’85. “Alhaji Toro belongs to that class of administrators alongside the likes of late Patrick Okpomo that usually wants the best for Nigerian football