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As for residence, some operate from the air like the Queen of Heaven, others from the land, and then, those from the water like the Osun of Osogbo, Queen of the coasts, dragons, Leviathan, etc. They go by different names, languages and manifestations across the globe

Sure, these are entities put in place by God to influence the affairs and destinies of men. So, when they go off for any person or people, the consequences are always terrible, even disastrous

There is an imminent solution coming your way. As you digest this timely message, expect the power of God to bring about a new dawn in your life. You will agree with me that these are very trying times. Individuals, groups, corporations and nations are really struggling, amongst other problems, to get out of economic, political and security challenges. Some of these problems have also proved unsolvable and protracted; defying all known human solutions

Some live close to the blessing, but unfortunately languish in penury, pain and sorrow. Yet, some do everything that is expected of them, but have their dreams aborted at the point of breakthrough

If it is really about development, where was this sect when their kits and kin, who led the country for most her independent years, were looting and dumping the country’s wealth in Swiss and other foreign banks? The former military and civilian rulers from that part of the country and the associates are known to be among the richest people in the world. Why didn’t they revolt or were they better-off then?

Look at the above bible text again. The sun and the moon grew dark, and the stars no longer shine! These were elements that were once bright and favourable. They were put in place to bless us, but all of a sudden, they grew dark and stopped shining. This is exactly what some of us are going through

I also remember that televised little girl that was laden with explosives and smuggled into Israel sometime ago, but before the bomb could go off, she started pleading that people should help her dismantle the bombs because she didn’t want to die. It was indeed very emotional watching her live on television

Yes, as Christians, God wants us to prosper in everything He leads us to do. He wants us to be like Him. He doesn’t fail in His endeavours. He wants us to grow in our relationship with Him. And He wants us to be in good health, so we can be useful to Him, to others and to ourselves

There is no doubt that America was founded on Christian principles and this was clearly demonstrated by the founding fathers all over Washington DC buildings, in official documents and historic speeches. God is also mentioned in her constitution and Pledge of Allegiance. So, what has gone wrong?