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The statement by the General Manager, Corporate Communications of FAAN, Yakubu Dati, recalled that Bi-Courtney forcefully and illegally acquired part of the premises belonging to the Murtala Mohammed Airport,

Some of the owners of these abandoned aircraft had taken FAAN to court over this issue and got court injunctions that made it difficult for the Authority to carry out this exercise before now. Some of these cases have now been concluded hence the commencement of the removal exercise, at least for the abandoned aircraft which cases have been concluded

Princess Oduah sent shock waves into the system when shortly on resumption, she stopped the exploitative collection of N2, 500 passenger service charge introduced unilaterally by the operators. Her mission to restore the aviation sector to its rightful place as a harbinger of economic progress was not open to negotiation

Adetula was apprehended on Saturday while attempting to leave Nigeria with the cash by officials of the Nigeria Customs Service at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos

One would have expected the miracle performed by Bi-Courtney at MMA2 to be replicated at GAT, but the Ministry of Aviation would not allow it. Instead, the government jettisoned the agreement it signed with Bi-Courtney and ignored the various court orders, even by the Court of Appeal, to begin the renovation of GAT

FAAN, in response to allegations by the Secretaries of the National Joint Aviation Unions, said what Oduah has done was to fine-tune the automation process that had been in the works on her assumption of duty as minister