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It is the day in which the destiny of America and the entire world will be determined. It is the day every Trumper has been waiting for for the last few weeks and ever since the sham and ‘big steal’ of the November 3 presidential election when Joe Biden was rigged in by the Deep state, the proponents of the New World Order, Big Tech, the Fake News Media and the agents of the Illuminati.

I wouldn’t have bothered my head so much about the unusual folly currently being displayed by Trump but for the simple reason that the new madness has a way of permeating and strengthening the bones of our own leaders, most of who have left no one in doubt that they have long signed a pact with the devil.

We saw that in Mali a few months ago when the military cited fraudulent elections as the reason for toppling President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, leaving the regional body, ECOWAS, confused and stranded. Alpha Conde followed in Guinea by manoeuvring himself in place for a third term presidency.

And when I joined the journalism profession, my disposition and more than casual interest in American democracy and its great institutions became more profound that in less than five years in the media I won a fellowship course sponsored by the United States government, to visit the country and observe how the various democratic institutions work.

During two recent off-cycle state elections in the south of Nigeria, for example, the US Embassy threatened to invoke visa restrictions on candidates, agents or security officials who impede the electoral process. It was not an empty threat and the junket-obsessed political elite knew it.