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The gesture, according to a release personally signed by Fayemi in Ado-Ekiti Monday, is in commemoration of the 35th anniversary of the death of the late Awolowo.

I want to thank you all for your bravery. Despite the disappointment in the last election, you still believe that this time around, it is possible. For me, I could say there was never a break. Since our last fight in the court, challenging the 2019 election results, I have received several calls and encouragements from you to contest again. 

This was the crux of the intellectual spat that respected professor of Political Science, my Master’s class teacher at the University of Ibadan and former Minister of Education, Tunde Adeniran, and I engaged in after the death of Ige.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo been a visionary he was saw all the problems and dangers with the Nigerian project as was handed over to us by the British. However, Awolowo didn’t call for a breakaway from Nigeria, he rather called on our leaders to neutralise those forces of division. That’s exactly what I’m doing, I am obeying the words of the greatest Yoruba man who ever lived, I’m fighting against what he called forces of destruction, I’ll encourage every well meaning Nigerian and Yoruba man to obey his call.

Monoculturalism is the psychology of living just for and within your own people. It can otherwise be called extreme nationalism. It is a feeling that your people are better than others. We can assess a man’s level of education by how willing he is to embrace others. Monoculturalism makes you a tribalist, a racist, xenophobic,

Great nations are great not because of geography or who they cohabit with in the country. Great nations are not built by the virtues of their wealth but by the wealth of their virtues. Without every citizen being committed to the greatness of the nation by consciously imbibing cultures of diligence, honesty, integrity, discipline etc., there will be no great nation inspite of any name we choose to call ourselves.

If by genetic components, Nigerians are the same, then why do we hate one another so much? Why do we fight so much? Why do we give room for a lot of infightings? If over 500 tribes live in Nigeria and they speak more than 300 languages, why don’t we see our diverse languages and cultures as a beautiful thing? Why can’t we all see that we are related?