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In a statement by Tuminie Green, the Acting Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division of the Corporation, on Sunday, NNPC expressed dismay at what it termed the increasing unwarranted and unfounded accusations against it by otherwise informed persons in the polity, persons, who, by virtue of their positions in government, should know better

The apex bank also said that the 91-day treasury bills were worth N20.16 billion at 11. 84 per cent yield, as against the 11.97 per cent yield at the previous auction on June 26

The FMDA said that N59.53 billion worth of 139-day bills were sold, while N110.8 billion worth of 128-day treasury bills were sold.
The 139-day and 128-day tenor bills had yield rates of 13.32 per cent and 13.03 per cent, respectively

The medium-term strategy, he disclosed, was developed by the Ministry of Finance in conjunction with the Debt Management Office while the Central Bank of Nigeria developed a medium-term debt management strategy, with input from the National Bureau of Statistics, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund