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There’s nothing wrong with that. There will be those who would say, “The business of the media is to sell space.” Another editor might say, “We’re in the business of publishing news.” While another might respond, “What do you mean? We’re in the business of creating communities.” And yet another editor might say, “You know what, our job is to mirror society.”

But that’s a digression. His advice to Buhari is on point and infinitely more sensible than the nonsense of his Kogi State counterpart, Yahaya Bello, who declared a public holiday to mark the President’s return but didn’t know what to do to save even one of the 60 persons that died from abdominal infection in Kogi the same week.

It’s a waste of time getting mad at Jonathan for giving himself a pass mark where voters had failed him. The question Okechukwu should be asking himself is whether the APC government will pass the electoral test that the last government failed, if an election were held today

His fingers are in every pie. His wife, Nkechi, is the only person in Nigeria who has more government portfolios than Babatunde Fashola: she supervises the Ministries of Women Affairs, Works, Health and the Office of the Secretary to the State Government. His son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, is the Chief of Staff, and a government building is named after one of his daughters, Uloma Nwosu. Imo is Okorocha’s chattel