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At a meeting with the FCT minister on Monday, Melaye offered the final solution to the menace of cattle grazing in the city. He said that if herdsmen would not keep their cows off the main streets and the city centre, then all lawful residents must take up their knives and teach the cows and the herdsmen that Abuja is not George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’

Turai stayed in her place. Things began to get complicated when Yar’Adua took ill months into his presidency. Out of the “maternal” instinct to save her husband from those she thought were taking advantage of his illness, Turai grabbed power one lever at a time until she transformed into the single most formidable powerhouse in and outside government

Among other presents he brought to me on that day was the digital version of a grandfather wall clock. I was thrilled by the gift but my excitement was soon mixed with confusion by Lekan’s parting words on his way out. “What are you planning to do next year?,” he asked with a concern and sincerity that left me perplexed

The point, really, is that he believed that a free press plays a very important role in keeping government honest, without which tyranny takes hold. It is not just for the purpose of professional gratification that the press is also esteemed the fourth estate of the realm – the other realms being the executive, the legislature and the judiciary

He would be laughing now. At the heart of the anger that triggered the “Leave” vote last week is the futile attempt, even after many decades, by the British to see themselves as Europeans. Immigration is probably the next big issue. A flood of immigration, especially from EU countries, saw 185,000 net EU citizens move into the UK in 2015 alone, with over 40 per cent of them citing jobs as the main reason.

That was not what the visit was meant to achieve. The IVLP is a five-star programme of the State Department designed to expose carefully selected participants to the US system of government, to help them understand how the system works in the hope that they would use the experience when they return home

In the early stages of the resurgence of violence in the Niger Delta – around the 1990s – the romantic tale was that the country’s dominant rulers, mostly northerners, had plundered the region’s oil to develop “their country”, with its capital in Abuja. It didn’t matter that in most elections held in the country for decades – credible or not – most of the core Niger Delta states had voted massively for the same conservative, “northern oppressors

We knew him for his books on getting rich and making it big on property. Whether it was The Art Of The Deal; Think Like A Billionaire: Everything You Need To Know About Success, or The America We Deserve, you didn’t read Trump and fail to be touched by his fearlessness and love of adventure

And as if to confirm that the Armageddon of subsidy was finally at hand, Wabba issued a follow-up statement the day after the notice, advising members of the public to stock up: it was either the government would return to the original price of N86.50 or nothing

Between Lucky Igbinedion and Oserheimen Osunbor, two Peoples Democratic Party governors who were in office between 1999 and 2008, Edo received over N1 trillion from the federation account. Whatever was not used from the treasury to keep Igbinedion flying from one exotic destination to another or to service his libido with regular supply of undergraduates from the University of Benin, was used to maintain Godfather Anenih and a few party faithful

In an explosive interview in the March edition of The Interview magazine, Sani said: “It would be counter-productive for the Governor to start thinking of evicting Buhari in 2019 to be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. El-Rufai should do his job and stop putting his eyes on the Presidency”