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The Governors, who spoke in Ibadan at the opening ceremony of the National Women Conference of the Oyo State Officials’ Wives Association, with the theme: “The Ultimate Woman At A Time Like This,” said there was a great need for women to be supported more than ever before, especially at this current time of economic recession

On Sunday, November 27, 2016, it would be six years exactly into the two term administration and second years of his second term.
About the time he wrote those words some six years ago, it was at the beginning of, in reality, confronting the multi-dimensional, hydra-headed problems which could only have necessitated the need for a Messiah in Osun in the first place?

Governor Rauf Aregbesola

This regression is not due to dwindling purchasing power of Nigerians or the emergence of cable television and the new media alone. Increasingly, public trust in newspapers for accuracy and relevance has equally waned. Atrocious grammar, self-contradiction, superstition and rumour mongering, outright falsehood and brazen attempt to incite the public into a particular political direction or action, among others, have eroded the credibility of newspapers

In a statement by the Director, Bureau of Communication and Strategy, Office of the Governor, Semiu Okanlawon, the Governor said Sunny Ade represents for the country and every black man a source of pride

Aregbesola stated this during the presentation of the final report on the State of Osun Statistical System by the State Consultative Committee on Statistics, led by the National President of the Nigerian Statistical Association, Dr. Mohammed Musa
He noted that a knowledge-driven society cannot exist without accurate data, saying with the recent data by the National Bureau of Statistic, people who criticise his administration should know that statistics deals with facts and evidence

The Government, in a statement by the Director of the Bureau of Communication and Strategy, Semiu Okanlawon, said the fact that the ICPC claimed it was investigating claims that workers in the state received their last salaries in July 2015 was enough for workers in Osun State and those who have been monitoring developments in the state to conclude that the allegation could not have been true

At a period of global financial failure like this, fears on the part of the people cannot be said to be misplaced. It is therefore comforting to know that the governor has assured Osunians that the new councils were created primarily to bring “development to the people”, manage “the markets”, and generate “more revenues, amongst others

Aregbesola, in a statement by the Director of the Bureau of Communications and Strategy, Office of the Governor, Semiu Okanlawon, said NMA’s appeal should rather go to its members in Osun State, who have abandoned their duty posts for about 11 months now