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Of the 12 Islamic months in the Hijri calendar, Ramadan, the ninth month, is the holiest. It’s the month when Muslims worldwide embark on a 30-day fasting period. It’s the month when Allah, the most benevolent, the most merciful, rains down mercy from high above on mankind.

Aliagan, who gave the warning in his Friday sermon in Madrasat Mohammed in Ilorin, Kwara State, said the resurgence of beliefs in family deity or family cultural beliefs “are taboos and abominations with no bearing in Islam”.

It is quite unbelievable that in this 21st century people are still talking about the repulsive and retrogressive act of killing other human beings for religious reasons. Yes, it is most unfortunate that when the rest of the world is moving on with massive infrastructural and human development, innovative and progressive laws that include expunging capital punishment from their laws, in Nigeria people are still thinking of decapitating a citizen just for singing against their religion. Is this not disgusting and shameful?