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“I just want you to know that if you’re thinking of Peter Obi. We are talking of competence. This is not about Igbo, or about Christianity. This is about competence, character and capacity and courage… It is about being able to make demands and be able to criticize and be able to hold whoever is in the office accountable… Poverty has already shown us. Insecurity has already shown us. The terrorists are showing us already. The thing that we need to do is to come together and choose the person that will do the job.” – Aisha Yesufu (Social crusader and human rights activist)

According to Adamolekun, an advocate of Anap Foundation, “It is through huge participation and the choice of credible leaders that their dreams and aspirations can be attained. The only way to solve political problems is through politics, therefore, in the absence of the type of people power – numbers, mindset, and understanding – that can exert a political cost on the streets, my channel for political consequences is the 2023 general elections.”

The Eagle Online recalls that governors from 17 states from the South under the aegis of the Southern Governors Forum met last Tuesday in Asaba, Delta State, after which they issued a 12-point communiqué banning open grazing, calling for the restructuring of the country and demanding that President Muhammadu Buhari addresses the nation on pressing security concerns, among others