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In a brief reception organised to bid farewell to the outgoing SSA in the office, Dr. Hajo Sani, in the State House on Friday in Abuja, Gurin expressed readiness toward working with the staff of the First Lady’s Office to achieve the objectives of the office.

On being caught over his lie, hear his nasty rant: “These haters, when I was on their case, they were crying. Now I’m on my own lane enjoying my life, they are still crying and sucking. Expect more so you can cry more. I’m on medical check-up not admission. Celebrating New Year is my right, haters can hug transformer. Happy New Year.” This is Fayose at his most insane moment. Where is character, decency and decorum in this statement? As a former public office holder, where is that civilised engagement and respect for the nation that gave him such rare privilege as a former governor? I wonder how the most unhinged apologists of Fayose will defend his midday call on his foes to opt for suicide through transformer hugging. People like him are tied to transformer in a country like China, North Korea and Saudi Arabia for stealing state money. Fayose’s rhetorical depravity which was meant to wrap his ego in the oxygen of public space has turned out to be a statement from a barbarian who has consistently stood against public morality, decorum and decency.