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AMCON added that it had traced nine other properties belonging to the ex-governor in Kwara, Lagos and Abuja some of which include: houses at 13, Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere; No. 9 Wharf, Apapa, Lagos; Plot 3632, Cadastral Zone E27 of Apo, Abuja; Plot 4115, Cadastral Zone F14 of Bazango, Abuja; Plot 8502, Cadastral Zone E31 of Carraway Dallas, Abuja; and Plot 494, Cadastral Zone E31 of Carraway Dallas, Abuja

Chairman of the White Paper Panel on the unlawful sales of government’s properties from May 29, 1999 to May 29, 2019 Barrister Hussein Buhari, said during the submission of the report that findings in the report were mind boggling and said nothing short of diligent prosecution, possible jail terms and recovery of many of the properties can avenge the “official connivances” that led to the pilferage of the assets.

On his Twitter handle, @abdulfatahAhmed, on Tuesday, the former governor said “In response to an invitation by the commission via a letter dated 26th April 2021, I voluntarily visited the EFCC in Abuja yesterday with regard to a complaint about a contract awarded by Kwara State government while I was the state’s Commissioner for Finance.

In his condolence following Khalifa Kamaldeen’s passage on Friday, Alhaji Ahmed urged the Kamaldeen family and the Adabiyya Islamic movement to take solace in the fact that the departed scion was an exemplary man who upheld the legacy of his late father, Sheikh Mohammed Kamaldeen, in Islamic and Quranic education.

For some time now, I have consciously resisted the temptation to join opaque debates seeking to pin the misfortune of the Peoples Democratic Party in the last election on former Kwara State Governor Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed’s alleged non-performance. The skewed, anecdotal analyses are driven by ruling party stalwarts and, unfortunately, by members of the PDP who possibly have personal issues with the former governor.