Stop calling those who have returned home to develop Osun ‘outsiders’ – Oluwo

Oba Akanbi said on Monday that such people are uncivilised.

The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, has condemned those disparaging successful indigenes who return home to serve their people as “Ajele”.
Oba Akanbi said on Monday that such people are uncivilised.
“Ajele” loosely means “outsiders” in Yoruba and it is being used in Osun State to qualify some successful professionals who return home to offer themselves for service.
Rather than disparage them, Oba Akanbi said Osun State people should celebrate them for their exposure and rich experience, which, if well applied, will help develop the towns and the state in general.
He spoke in Iwo when he received the medical officers who brought the free treatment mission on behalf of Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola, the All Progressives Congress governorship candidate for the September 22 election, at the venue of the free health initiative where he addressed reporters.
The Oluwo himself was tested for blood sugar and given a clean bill of health.
Over 2000 residents were treated free the third leg of the programme which had been done in Ejigbo and Osogbo.
There are seven more towns on the list.
Ajele surfaced since the beginning of the campaign as a derogatory word for candidates that are not home based.
Oba Akanbi said the towns, communities and the entire Osun State ajeles with the benefit of their exposure and experience.
He said: “What I heard is that some people are calling some people ajele.
“They said Oluwo is also an ajele.
“What is ajele?
“Ajele is somebody that brings civilization to your domain.
“Nothing is happening here.
“There are no medical facilities.
“But you can see the free medical services being offered here today.
“Iwo has lacked civilization because back in the days, we pushed civilization out.
“That’s why Iwo has not been developed.
“We want people, even Diasporans, to come and better the lot of this country.
“We are in dire need.
“Anybody that calls indigenes living outside the town, state or country ajele is uncivilized.
“We want Diasporans to come because of their exposure.
“Who is actually not an ajele one way or the other?
“If you study Law in Nigeria, you have to go to Lagos, Abuja or Enugu for your Law school. That’s outside your locality. It then means that everybody is an ajele one way or the other. Ajele is about civilization.
“And this is what we want.
“We want development.
“The way to develop is not by sitting down in a local area.
“We need exposure.
“As the Oluwo, I’ve brought a lot of light to my domain because of my exposure.
“So, if they call me an ajele, I’m happy to be one.”
On the fee health prpject, the monarch said: “It’s a very good concept and we thank the convener of this programme, Alhaji Isiaka Oyetola, for it.
“Let leaders bring this kind of initiative to the masses.
“You can see that people are getting surgery for hernia and cataract.
“They are treating many other ailments.
“I have seen some of my subjects complaining that they could not afford the treatment, hence they could not go to the hospital.
“But it’s free here.
“So, if anyone brings something good, I will always support and help.
“Any organization, be it political party, that brings any good project to my kingdom, I will support.
“Thanks to Alhaji Oyetola for bringing this to Iwo.
“I also want to thank the doctors who came from overseas to help our people.
“I know doctors are well paid overseas, better paid than commissioners here.
“So, for them to leave that to come and serve their people is commendable.
“I’m happy that people trooped our in large number to benefit from this project.
“I still want them to come out in their large number regardless of their political and religious  affiliation.
“The government cannot do it all.
“It is this kind of government, especially the Federal Government, which came here last week to introduce another programme to the people, for their welfare.
“I think this government is doing a great job, helping the people. All these are possible by the reason of their exposure because they are well travelled.”