SSS arrests Bugaje, ACN kicks

The State Security Service (SSS) has arrested a former National secretary of the Action Congress of Nigeria over an interview he granted on the ongoing mass action to protest the withdrawal of petrol subsidy and demand for transparency in governance.

Bugaje had in the interview opposed the move by the government.

The ACN has condemned his arrest, calling for his immediate release.


In a statement issued in Lagos on Tuesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party expressed concern that the federal government, having boxed itself into a tight corner due to its obnoxious, anti-people policy, is now baring its fangs at perceived enemies, especially members of the opposition, civil society and the unions.

The statement said: ”There is nothing that Dr. Bugaje said in that interview that has not been said many times over by other Nigerians since the government decided to over-reach itself by inflicting avoidable pain on the people in the name of fuel subsidy removal.

”Perhaps Dr. Bugaje’s only sin is that he is a member of the ACN. But our party is not responsible for the unenviable situation in which this rudderless government has found itself. In fact, had the government listened to our wise counsel, it would have avoided the troubles it had now brought on itself.”

The party wondered why the federal government is dissipating its energy on targeting and harassing the opposition, when it is confronted with monumental problems, including the worsening cases of insecurity of lives and property, most of which the administration brought upon itself.