Sowore: Facing the bullets of revolution, by Taju Tijani

In Nigeria, our minds and hearts have been conditioned, turned and occupied by myths of fear, brutality and even death from our police and soldiers so much that the recurring narratives of uniformed butchery have turned us all into captive slaves, cowards, survivalists, conformists and living dead. Nigerians are not free. They cannot be free. There is systemic evil governing our governance. There are blizzard of draconian laws and powers from the Police, politicians, which in itself, are nothing but sub narrative of their oppressive instinct, to uphold status quo and keep the restive citizens under perpetual darkness, ignorance, poverty, economic paralysis, powerlessness and armed control.
The incubated Nigerian ruling elites who have succeeded in destroying our yesterday, today and may as well destroy the future are the most venal, unresponsive and cold-hearted creatures in the universe. If that is an exaggeration, what has twenty years of unbroken democracy done to lift the common man from diseases, poverty, unemployment, poor housing and wanton blood bath cascading over our nation, towns, cities and homes? Nigerians are sick and tired of the rampant criminality of excesses of government from the President, Governors, Senators, Legislators and Ministers to the special advisers who are like flies in Nigeria’s self-destructive democracy.
This ugly picture of a messy Nigeria is enough to stir Omoyele Sowore out of his sedate and comfortable hideout in New York, United States of America to Nigeria to do something and be counted among the ones who will stand in line of fire today. Since he has been taken out of the lineup, we have to rely on his indefatigable spirit to lead the revolutionary awakening today. So the spirit of Sowore, Publisher of Sahara Reporters online newspaper, former presidential candidate and scourge of the elites, is out today advocating for freedom for all who are under the bondage of a failed state. His spirit will me making a passionate and evocative call on the zombies, weak, tired, oppressed, brutalized, unemployed, hopeless, paralysed and intimidated Nigerians to join in the moving revolutionary awakening meant to usher in real change. His spirit, with that of Comrades Seni Ajai, Gbenga Akomolafe and many other fearless revolutionaries are out on your street today calling for a new paradigm shift in the ongoing slide of Nigeria into a country of inaction and cluelessness.
Nigerians have arrived at a stricture of no going back. The country, according to millions, is overripe for revolution. Out there on the streets, there is a huge sense of disillusion compounded by the daily killings of innocent Nigerians by bandits and terrorists known as Fulani herdsmen. Nigerians have been denied, dumb down, beaten, dehumanized, damaged and are tired of the tenuous excuses of Nigerian politicians headed by a Fulani demagogue called Muhammadu Buhari. Under the old power of caprice, I will regard myself as an apostle of Buharism and a fanatical believer in his agenda of change. Four years later, Buhari has abused my trust in his integrity, competency and that old, animating desire to fight corruption. Buhari has lost me in the ongoing cesspit of his ineptitude, tribalised support for Fulani herdsmen, accommodation of corruption and lacklustre ministerial team. PMB has given up hope of rescuing Nigeria with all his benign approaches to statecraft.
We need redemption. Somebody has to rescue us. We need that moment of enough-is-enough. That moment of epiphany. That moment of eureka. And the only conceivable route out of the governmental quagmire is the practical, turbo-charged, people-driven and popular revolution backed by all Nigerians. Sowore has stepped forward to walk the talk. He has a voice. He has the uniqueness. He has the capacity and integrity to persuade the tired, forgotten and abandoned Nigerians duped by an ill-defined elites that have lost the capacity to proffer solutions to the apparently complex problems terrifying Nigerians. We live in a society of daily provocations. But there must be an end to an ongoing pantomime of Buhari’s inaction and siddon look ideology which harm Nigerians beyond endurance.
To the revolutionaries, go brother. You have my back. This is your cathartic moment to rip down the chicanery of our democratic deceit which benefits nobody but a tiny privileged few. As the spirit of Sowore and other comrades shake the pillars of our democracy today; as you charge forward demanding for equity, fairness and end to impunity; as you prize open the stench of deceptions in Aso Rock, please be mindful of the stray bullets of Buhari’s goons. Be mindful of that overzealous, ignorant and devious chancer in uniform who might want your heads on the guillotine. Be mindful of the bullets that await revolutionaries. Sowore once orated on his fearless disposition towards death……This sudden incarceration will test that resolve. To the revolutionaries: Put your armour in place to ward off the deadly bullets of sadistic and captive uniformed gun men. Wherever he is, Sowore must live and not die!! If you fall and die, Nigerian history will misunderstand you. It will forget you.
Heroes from the hood are hardly recognized in Nigeria. Through all the oscillating variations of time and experience, Nigerians main honorees are majorly corrupt politicians and personalities who have undermined our national progress and molested our collective aspirations. A roiling example is Senator Elisha Abbo, the Adamawa gangster who repeatedly assaulted a nursing mother some weeks ago. who has just been honoured with an “ICON at democracy” award by Inter-community Awareness for Change and Development. That is a story for another day.
Hey, here comes the revolution!!!
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. This piece was written before Sowore was arrested by operatives of the Department of State Services in the early hours of August 3, 2019.