Sexual urges (1), by Anurika Onyemelam

“Auntie Julie, why does somebody keep having sexual urges?”
I almost dropped what I was holding…time seemed to stop…my breathe seemed to stop for an hour…I know…I know it’s only for a second…but seemed like hours to me.
She’s my niece. It was just like yesterday we crowded round her cradle, smiling like fools…over the miracle of a new baby.
Today, she’s asking me about sexual urges?  I know she’s now a woman…God, don’t I know it?
Trouble is, we adult don’t want these kids to grow…whether we like it or not, they’ll grow…they’ll crawl out of the cradle…they’ll one day walk out of the door…they’ll someday lose their virginity.
We can only pray and hope for the best. Short of locking them indoors or in a dungeon, what more can a loving aunt do?
What do I tell her now about sexual urges…does this mean she’s no longer a virgin? Who is she feeling this sexual hunger for…could it be that a guy is telling her about wanting her?
I took a good look at her…yeah, definitely, she’s no more a virgin. How can I tell?…believe me, I can tell!
That aura of innocence…shyness don die!
Bet she’s the one experiencing sexual urges…but for whom?
Should I probe…will she open up or keep her lips sealed?
Better tackle the issue of sexual urges. Don’t think I have the strength to play hide and seek game with questions and answers.
I tried to explain…I failed. Miserably.
A recap of what I told her.
Sexual urges can mostly be felt by somebody who had experienced sexual satisfaction…had felt the painful pleasure of orgasm as it shook the body down to its foundation.
Can be felt by a babe who knows what it means for a guy to caress her boobs…for a guy to take her stiffened nipples into his eager liquid fire mouth…for a guy to suckle gently at first, then begin to pull and drag on the nipple harder…the babe begins to feel that oceanic wetness, gathering between her thighs…she can feel sexual urge if his fingers had once gently played with her clitoris, making her pant, moan and come alive.
She can feel sexual urge any other day if she had once been helpless under the throes of passion…if her clit had been suckled, caressed and palmed by the knowledgeable fingers of a knowledgeable lover!
The big question…can a virgin feel sexual urge?
I don’t really think so…hey guys what do you think? Can a virgin yearn, desire crazily and hunger for something she had never had?
You don’t know? Well, I don’t think she can!…I stand to be corrected though…
I can’t yearn for Adam’s mouth gliding over the two mountains on my chest when I had never felt it before…I can’t hunger for him to please slowly take my nipples into his mouth and suckle harder when I had never felt it before.
Can’t get wet at the thought of Adam going down on me, if I had never before experienced Adam suckling my clit like mad, can I?
Who knows the joy of cunniligus except an old timer…yeah, say it…I know you want to say it…you can’t help yourself…say it!…you think I’ll get mad at you?…never…go right ahead and say…after all it’s the true…yes, she said I’m an old timer…so what?
Shouldn’t be ashamed to say I’ve been down that lane. Nothing to be ashamed of…
Believe me, you can feel sexual urge just by thinking about a particular sexual move of your lover…you can even get wet and feel like getting bang when you remember his whispers as he thrusts into you.
It can even be his gasp or pant as he draws nearer and closer to grabbing the trophy at the pinnacle of the temple that can get you needing him to bang you.
I’ve always said it…no sense in having sex if the guy can’t make you come.
If it happens once…he’s tired…if it happens twice, he’s not in the mood…thrice?…Ha! abeg comot for my bed…go try the next door!
A virgin cannot feel these myriad of sexual emotions, rushing through her system, disorganizing her days, making her want him like mad. Can you miss something you never had?…can you hunger for amala and ila, when you’d never tasted it before?
I know…I know…I know what you’re going to say…that I like using amala and ila as an example…you’re right…I love that delicacy…
When people talk of best food…mine could be amala and ila, decorated with shaki…edo…round about…ishan…abodi…my mouth is already watering. Oh, come on…let’s somebody serve me amala with ila…
You get my drift though, don’t you?
And even if a virgin gets to feel sexual urge, it can’t be as powerful and mind boggling as the person who had once experienced the joy of sex and orgasm.
It’s like a comparison between a bonfire and a volcanic eruption.
It’s this sexual urge that makes a babe…guy…to become unfaithful if their spouses are overseas.
It’s this sexual hunger that can make lovers want to settle their dispute fast when the hunger comes knocking on the door of their privates.
It’s this urge that  makes somebody to slide his hands…her hands…down his candy bar…down the valley between her thighs…to do what? You know…I know…don’t ask me stupid questions please.
When a guy plays with his manhood…a babe plays with her clit…what do you think the person is trying to do? Memorise the anatomy of his/her privates? I don’t think so!
The hunger attacks the mind, creating images, suffusing the body…for a woman…she feels stiffened nipples…wetness down her core…for a guy…his candy bar can become stiffened momentarily…you know that candy bar needs Monica’s welcoming warmth to cool it down and make it go to sleep. Oh, candy bars are just like babies…a shower of water, on their heads…lowers the temperature…makes them fall asleep…oh candy bars!
When the candy bar becomes erect, seeking for Monica, seating may become painful…Ha!Ha! Ha!…yes O!
Except the guy wants to crush the head of his joy stick…no guy wants that…don’t even joke about it!
That’s why I sympathize with Reverend fathers, Monks and Nuns, who went into service for God, after tasting and knowing the sinful pleasure of the forbidden fruit.
Bible recognizes the power and awesomeness of sexual urge…which is why we were urged, that our flesh ought to be dead to sin.
Fat chance of that happening, with the kind of daughters of jezebels we have these days…going to places of worship dressed in nothing less than handkerchiefs…God knows, I pity clergy men…they battle not only with unseen devils but also seen she devils!
Sexual urge is why you hear gory tales of holy men of God having sex with their fellow men…Nuns having sex with their fellow nuns in the nunnery…Reverend fathers coming out of the closet to confess that they have kids…
Two things can mar a person who wishes to serve God…first thing is sex…second thing is sex…yeah, take that to the bank! Sex! Sex! Sex!
So back to the question…we feel sexual urge because we’ve experienced sex and orgasm before…we feel it because we know what we’re missing…we know what we want…because we want to shatter into tiny monocles of pleasure…
Orgasm is the nerve centre of sex!
There’re people who don’t feel sexual urge…they call them frigid abi? You don’t know?…I’m not sure myself…but there’s a name for such a state…
This writer doesn’t get to feel sexual urge…not even interested in men if truth be told…you look shocked…why?
Gotcha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Just messing with you!
I feel it plenty O! Don’t try me O!
When I was a virgin…I used to feel sexual urges…not the kind that used to grip me since I lost my virginity….