Senate seeks N1.1b for Civil Defence Academy

The Senate on Wednesday passed a bill seeking for the establishment of the Nigerian Civil Defence Academy in Pandogari, Niger State into second reading.
According to the the bill, N1.1 billion will be required for the establishment of the Academy.
Leading debate on the bill, Senator Sani Musa said the establishment of the Academy will help in stemming the tide of training deficiencies among personnel of the Corps.
Musa specifically declared that 70 per cent of personnel of the Nigerian Security and Civil  Defence Corps lack basic training due to non availability of an Academy or Institution for that.
He said: “The proposal for the establishment of the Nigerian Civil Defence Academy is a fall out of several internal security challenges we face as a Nation, which is clearly becoming overwhelming to our Security Agencies.
“It has become apparent that efforts have to be made to develop the capacities of supportive security organs such as the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps, who are expected to in conjunction with the Nigerian Police provide internal security, and to attain the highest standards of professionalism.
“This Academy will provide strategic leadership training to the Civil Defence Corps, which is most desirable in our national security matters and will also act as a think tank on domestic security frameworks and it will be an important platform in shaping up the Community Policing system.
“The Academy will develop a broader outlook and understanding, out of which would grow a broader strategy.”
Musa added that financial implication for establishment of the Academy is projected to be N1.126,529,588 billion in the first 12 months of take off, out of which N737.640 million would be for personnel cost, N111.111 million for overhead cost and N277.777 million for capital expenditure.
Majority of the senators spoke in support of the bill and overwhelmingly voted for its passage for second reading when put to voice votes by the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan.