ICYMI: Prophet Joshua Iginla alleges plot to kill him, Oyedepo, Apostle Suleman

One of Nigeria’s leading Prophets, Joshua Iginla, has alleged plans to kill him over his cry against barbaric killings in Nigeria, especially in Plateau State.
Iginla made this Known during a service in his church, Champions Royal Assembly, Abuja.
He said he is not the only target of the attack, adding that Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel and Apostle Johnson Suleiman of Omega Fire Ministries were also targets.
In his word: “For some weeks now, some terrible men in the underworld have been trailing me.
“I feel led to share this with the church.
“They have been pursuing me, trailing me and looking for ways to kill themselves not me.
“Though I have reported to security authorities and some of the reports that came to me revealed that some of these men from the underworld have penned down some important men of God in this country.
“They attend this service.
“They come every time ether to look for way to blackmail or kill men of God.
“I’m crying out because when you begin to touch the men of God in your nation, you want to boil the nation.
“There are some people that want to discredit the Government of Muhammadu Buhari.
“They just want to cause religious war.
“They have pin-pointed some sensitive men of God of which I am one of them and I have received calls, messages, threats and that is why I’m crying out that this is the best time men of God should unite.
“The reason we can’t unite as church is because we are divided as church.
“My concern is that the government of the day should be sensitive.
“There are people that want to spoil the credibility of the government.
“We know there are pastors who don’t like other pastors, who want to claim the lives of other pastors and in case you think we don’t know you are here, you come around, record us and look for a way to eliminate yourself, you will die your own death.”
Iginla said the men of God are not against the government but the killings in the country.
He said: “There are great men of God in this country.
“People like Bishop Oyedepo, Dr. Paul Eneche, Apostle Suleman, myself.
“Our cry isn’t against the government but against killings of Christians and that is our constituency.
“We don’t belong to any political party.
“Our mindset is that there should be peace in the country.
“But when you begin to pin-point sensitive people in a nation and some people just want to do it so that there will be uproar and before you know, link it to another thing.”
Iginla also stated that their plan is to touch clergies, kill them so they can make it look like religious war.
He then led his members to pray against such attacks.