Policeman loses gun to robbers while sleeping

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Prince Umaru Manko, has ordered the immediate arrest of a police corporal who lost his rifle to armed robbers, while sleeping on duty.
The corporal, who is attached to ‘Area C’ Police Command, was posted to guard a residence at Iponri and was said to have fallen into a deep sleep when robbers stormed the compound.
The robbers disarmed him, woke him up and tied him up, while they carried out their operation without disturbance.
Incidentally, the corporal was not supposed to be guarding the residence, but apparently was on illegal duty.
When the rifle was taken, the corporal went to his command to claim that a gang of robbers attacked him on the road and snatched his rifle.
He was arrested, while the investigation was launched into the matter.
Just when people were beginning to believe his story, his wife stormed the command, crying and shouting at the command premises that what happened to her husband could have happened to anyone.
She said that it was not a crime to fall asleep on duty and that the police should stop treating her husband as a common criminal.
The wife’s lamentation spread like wildfire within the command.