Police arrest prominent journalist’s daughter for not having receipt of weave on

Richard Akinnola

The Police in Lagos State on Thursday arrested the daughter of prominent journalist and human rights activist, Richard Akinnola, for being in possession of a weave on without a receipt.

Akinnola’s daughter was arrested by policemen attached to FESTAC Police Division.

She was arrested by the policemen at Century Bus Stop, along Ago Palace way.

According to Akinnola, the victim’s sole crime was that she was in possession of a pack of weave on she bought for her personal use without a receipt to back the purchase.

Akinola said the incident happened just two meters away from Ago Police Division, adding that the policemen seized the weave on and then bundling her into their patrol vehicle.

He said: “My daughter was then taken to the FESTAC Police Division, where she was quizzed thoroughly and the contents of her phone searched before they was released.

“My daughter was arrested this evening by the police near Century bus stop, Okota by policemen in a patrol vehicle.

“They asked for the receipt of the weave and when she couldn’t produce it, she was arrested and driven to Festac police station where she spent about two hours.

“They also went through her phone. They seized the weave on and asked her to go and bring the receipt. She got back home an hour ago. I am so angry.”

Akinnola said he called the state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, to narrate his daughter’s ordeal.

He said his wife had to go back to the station to sort out the issue since the policemen refused to release the weave on.

Her release was however on the premise that she brings the receipt of the weave on before it can be released to her.