Police arrest man for aggression against Polish ambassador to Israel

The Israeli police on Wednesday arrested a man, 65, who allegedly spat at the Polish ambassador to Israel while he was sitting in his car on Tuesday.
According to Israeli news outlet Ynet, the incident was more serious than that.
The news site cited Ambassador Marek Magierowski as saying that he was outside the embassy when a man physically and verbally attacked him shouting: “Polish, Polish.”
A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry said: “We express our fullest sympathy to the ambassador and our shock at the attack.”
The Polish Foreign Ministry in Warsaw summoned the Israeli ambassador in connection with the incident.
Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on Twitter that the attack was “racist” and “unacceptable.”
However, there was no comment from the Polish embassy in Israel.
The incident came amid fresh tensions between Israel and Poland after the latter cancelled a visit by an Israeli delegation to Warsaw.
Israeli media reported that the visit was cancelled due to a dispute over issues related to restitution from Poland of formerly Jewish property that was stolen during the Holocaust.
In 2018, Poland and Israel’s relationship was upended over a controversial Polish law which criminalises speech suggesting Polish complicity in the Holocaust.
Poland argued that the law seeks to put an end to terms like “Polish death camps,” which falsely attributes responsibility to Poland for Nazi death camps operated there.
Critics said the legislation could be abused to deny or negate any Polish responsibility for crimes against the Jewish people.
Poland and Israel reached an agreement to remove a jail-sentence requirement from the law.