Pastor Sam Adeyemi to members: We need to hijack big political parties ahead of 2019 polls

Adeyemi said he does not want to get to heaven to discover over 80 per cent of his prayers were wasted on things that development could have taken care of

The Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, has told members of the church to position themselves properly to hijack the country’s big political parties ahead of the 2019 polls.
Adeyemi, who spoke on Sunday to church members shortly before his sermon, said it had become apparent that having a Permanent Voter Card and praying were not enough to resolve the challenges facing the country.
He said the time for Christians to get involved in politics is now, otherwise things will not change in the country.
He said: “As the elections approach, there is a strong need to have your voters cards.
“However, we need to be card carrying members of political parties.”
Adeyemi, who asked members that are members of political parties to show by a raise of the hand, had only few positive response.
He added that the saying for you to do the same thing and to expect a different result is the definition of insanity is a truth that no one can deny.
He said: “When the 2015 elections approached, our hopes for change were raised.
“Where is the hope now?
“In its place we have despair, dashed hopes.”
The televangelist, who is popularly called Pastor Sam, said the tragedy of it all was that citizens sit down at the end of the political process and await a positive outcome without being a part of those that go into the system or deciding those that do, adding: “It is not enough to get a voters card.
“I want to instruct you: join a political party now.
“Become a card carrying member of a political party.”
Adeyemi said he does not want to get to heaven to discover over 80 per cent of his prayers were wasted on things that development could have taken care of.
He said: “Development is not going to happen if we come to church and want God to do for us what we can do for ourselves.
“And we can’t achieve that once we are outside.
“There is a political dimension to Jesus that we have not touched.
“Most people come to church to pray and are outsiders in our own affairs.
“Some of the titles of Jesus were political titles.
“Prince of Peace is not a spiritual title.
“It is political.
“King is not a spiritual title.
“It is political.
“Pilate asked Him if He was the King of the Jews.
“That was what his trial was all about.
“He was killed more for political reasons than religious.
“If you owned any assets in this country, in the last three years the value reduced by 50 per cent.
“We stay out because we believe politics is a dirty game.
“It is dirty because dirty people play it.
“The major parties need to be hijacked now.
“If they don’t allow you, hijack the new ones.
“Otherwise, in the next 30 years, things will still be the way they are.
“The president 30 years ago is the president now.
“The problems he solved then are the problems he is trying to resolve now.
“We need to go in.
“I would have come with my membership of a political party card this morning.
“I don’t ask people to do what I don’t do.
“But some people won’t even come to this church again over that.
“I will provide you details of how to join a political party and the list of the parties, their addresses and other details you need to have.
“When you join don’t be inactive o.
“We have taught you to come to church every week.
“Add going to political meetings weekly to it.
“We have taught you how to pay tithes.
“Now add to it payment of dues in political parties.”