OPC members torture prophet over missing N80,000, video record incident

The prophet, Moses Oloyede, 23, of the Celestial Church of Christ was accused by the lady of stealing her N80,000 after she invited him to her house for prayers

Detectives attached to the Area K Police Command have arrested two members of the Oodua People’s Congress and a lady identified as Mary for torturing a prophet over a missing N80,000 and recording the anguish.
The prophet, Moses Oloyede, 23, of the Celestial Church of Christ was accused by the lady of stealing her N80,000 after she invited him to her house for prayers.
Mary reportedly said Oloyede wouldn’t have known where she concealed the money if not that he used his spiritual powers to locate it.
In spite of Oloyede’s repeated denial that he didn’t take the money, Mary hired the OPC men and got them to strip him before tying his hands and legs and embarked on a series of torture.
Oloyede said he was repeatedly slapped and punched and the men also used sticks and machetes to hit the exposed parts of his body.
He explained that every time he uttered a denial, another round of torture would commence.
While torturing the prophet, the OPC men recorded it.
Oloyede said when he felt he was going to die, he told them that he stole the money and members of his church and father were brought to the scene to witness the torture and forced confession.
After he was released, he was asked to bail his seized phone with N4,000, pay for his bail with N15,000 and also to write a letter of undertaking that he would pay the missing N80,000 before September 8, 2017.
The OPC men and Mary would have gotten away with their atrocious acts, but for the quick intervention of the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal.
When Edgal first got wind of the incident, he alerted the Area K Police Commander, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, Hope Okafor, asking him to investigate the case and arrest the suspects.
Working round the clock with his men, Okafor led in the arrest of two members of the OPC and Mary.
Other members who took part in the torture and recording game bolted.
The abduction and subsequent torture of Oloyede occurred on September 3 at the Marogbo area of Badagry in Lagos State.
Recalling the genesis of the incident, Oloyede said a member in his church introduced him to Mary two years ago.
He stated that Mary had complained of not being able to secure a job after graduation from vocational school, where she studied photography and video coverage and after Oloyede prayed for Mary, she secured a job in Lekki area of Lagos State.
Oloyede said recently, Mary invited him to her place for prayer and when he got there, Mary seized the opportunity to invite other people to her apartment to meet the prophet for prayers and after series of prayers, he left for home.
Oloyede said: “To my surprise, four days after the prayer, I received a phone call from Mary.
“She accused me of stealing N80,000, which she kept hidden in one of her bags.
“I laughed over the accusation because she knew I couldn’t do such a thing.
“I went to church.
“Before I returned, Mary had called my mother and threatened her.
“She said my mother should pay the money on my behalf.
“I was in the church on September 3 when OPC members, hired by Mary, came to the church to pick me.
“They dragged me to their base at Morogbo.
“They started beating me.
“I was later detained in their cell.
“While in detention, they tied my legs and hands, beat me and demanded that I should confess that I took the money.
“When I saw I was dying, I lied that I took the money.
“They asked me to bail myself with N15,000.
“When my church members couldn’t pay the bail money, the OPC men asked me to sign an undertaking that I would pay the N80,000 and the N15,000 before they released me.
“They collected N4,000 from me, which they said was for the bail of my phone.
“I later went to Area K Police Command to lodge a complaint on how I was tortured and forced to confess crime I didn’t commit.
“Two of the OPC members, including the leader, and Mary were arrested.”
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Olarinde Famous-Cole, said Edgal was aware of the case and has instructed that the case be transferred to the State Criminal Investigations Department, Panti, Yaba.